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Satin Lycra sexy beach cover ups

These beach cover ups and in satin lycra section shows a huge choice of models that you can mix and match with one of our bikini or thong bathing suit. Little skirts in a huge range of colours to suit your style. Our pretty pareos in satin lycra are designed to make you look sexy and provide a sensual cover-up for your new bikini. Check out our Glamour and Saona beach coverups designs, and our beach dresses Sensuel and Grenadine designs that can also be worn as very sexy evening dress. Sealinea gives you the chance to mix and match all of our string bikinis with a delightful and sensual beach cover up made in this soft, comfortable fabric. There are three major options: you can combine our Bahamas shorty in blue caribbean, for example, with one of our Glamour in the same colour, or the Bahamas string with our Saona design, or go for one of our three-piece sets (a malibu string with less revealing Brazilian-style bikini bottoms and matching bikini top) with our Sensuel in blue caribbean too. Small sexy beach cover ups with infinite combinations, including our bandeau bikinis that can also be mixed and matched...

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