Bikini set of 3 piece

Three piece bikini sets in metallic lycra

We would like to invite you to explore our range of beautiful bikini that is available as three-piece bikini sets in metallic lycra that comprise a brazilian and a charming string model. We are currently the only French maker to give you the option of buying a thong with matching and less revealing Brazilian-style bottom. If you haven't tried our bikinis, this range of thongs and brazilian bikinis will show you what we do and convince you to give our bikinis a try. Why not try wearing the bikini bottoms when you go swimming and when you return to your beach towel, change into the thong that is also part of this bikini set. This lets you get the best possible tan discreetly in one of our cheap swimsuits. This is a French design that is both very sexy and of incomparable quality. Sealinea offers you a wide choice and a range of sexy swimwear in luminous colours. The Victoria and Saint Barthe designs are available in a gold and black lizard-skin print which is very chic and elegant. Our Bahamas model is available in Gold, Silver and as a leopard print bikini. This mini shorty comes with a beautiful g-string. The set comprises a bikini Séduction and a swimsuit Brazil is one of our best-sellers. It is available in six colours, including our new metallic blue indigo. This version of our three-piece bikini sets, our triangl bikinis Seychelles are available in metallic leopard-skin to match our Baléares range.

Séduction 3 pièces | Maillot de bain femme sexy bikini métallisé gris argent vert doré or
€99.00 €89.00
Bahamas 3 pièces | Maillot de bain femme sexy bikini métallisé or doré ou gris argent
€102.00 €89.00
Malawi 3 pièces | Maillot de bain femme sexy bikini métallisé bleu indigo rose marron vert
Victoria 3 pièces | Maillot de bain femme sexy bikini léopard marron
€96.00 €29.90

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