Beautiful bikini

Original and beautiful bikinis in three piece made of satin lycra

The beautiful bikini in satin lycra with matching string bikini is one of our range of three-piece bikinis (a pretty brazilian swimsuit plus a string bottom) made in a gorgeous satin lycra. This set is made up of classic bottoms and thong models and are only available from the Sealinea company. It's so versatile, because you can change your bikini panty from a thong to a Brazilian-style with ease without having to change the top of your beautiful bikini. You can coordinate them and choose what kind of bikini to wear depending on your mood. This classy set of sexy swimwear is a subtle way of getting a tan in a string or swimming in a bikini or in a mini shorty with our Bahamas range that comes with the micro bikini in satin lycra in the same colour. These swimwear Bahia are available with a Brazilian-style cut and a bandeau top with a very romantic look. The thong swimsuit Dubaï are decorated with two little jewel-encrusted strips at the hip. The special thing about our swimsuits Saint Barthe is that you can wear either a bikini top or wrap, lined in Siviglia. Don't forget to take a look at our product listings for our chic and elegant beautiful bikinis Victoria, Séduction and Brazil...

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