Three piece in bi-material or in mesh

Models of three piece in bi-material or in mesh

All of our three-piece bi-material swimsuits designed in Lycra and fine mesh can be found here. The principle of the three-piece is that it allows you to have two different bottoms, a Brazilian-style panty and a thong with matching bikini top. Two choices are available to you: you can either select a more modest bi-material bikini in Lycra/fine mesh, such as our Bounty design, a combination of balanced colors that creates a chic and sensual bikini with reasonable coverage. Or: you may be looking for a sexier product and, if so, the Cameltoe designs are sure to be just what you're looking for. The Cameltoe triangel bikini is made entirely in fine mesh which puts it first in the ranking of our sexiest swimsuits.

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