Sexy beach dresses

Women's Long or Short Beach Dresses

The Sensuel and Grenadine beach dresses designed in voile to match your bikinis. These long beach cover ups are made to be worn as a classic beach tunic to hide your brazilian or tanga bikini or as a simple and elegant long and very dressed pareo. The Grenadine design is a beachwear that can also be worn as a very sensual summer evening dress. This elegant sexy beach dress have a 10 cm lycra band that can be worn above the bust or round the waist. A sexy beach sarong very pleasant to wear with its cutaway design and deliciously fluid texture. This flattering and sexy long pareo is open up to the top of the leg. Sealinea has designed these beach dresses to be worn as beach tunic as a sensuous cover-up for your bikinis or your tiniest string bikinis.

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