Sarong for woman

Beach Sarongs for women in satin Lycra

Check out all of our mini and sexy beach sarongs in satin lycra in a range of colours to match your new bikini 2017. Whatever your style, string or brazilian, our skirt is made to add a cover-up to your bikinis outfits and is a delight to wear as beach dresses. Our Sensuel design includes a fabulous beach dress which you will also find in this selection and is perfect when combined with one of our three-piece sets. The Bahamas design is a perfect example, as you will see with the mini sarong that matches this string and mini shorty bikini that are supplied together. To get a refined cover-up for your bikini, all of the designs that you will see on our website can be coordinated with a sexy sarong in satin lycra. If you choose a see through model from the Tahiti range, we would advise you to wear a pareo to cover this very sexy range made in fine mesh and in sheer, an elegant bikini that is worth covering up when you feel like blending into the crowd. Sealinea invites you to try combining fabrics with a white bikini in tulle and one of our models in lycra, the Saona in siviglia with a model in metallic lycra. There are many ways to wear our lovely range of beach sarong and guys can also use them to cover up their mens thongs suits...

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