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This section of malibustrings brings together our collection of pretty string bikini. Come and choose one of our brasilian thong bikini, we can't wait to show you our new patterns availablle in a range of designs, like the Séduction or our Dubaï model, the see through Tahiti model or the briefest bikini Palm Beach. You can also choose from the new thong bikini like our Catalina design, our fabulous string bikini particularly the Hippie version, the St Barthe with their veil in siviglia are also exciting and unique swimsuits. Don't forget our range of sexy bikini models, like the Cameltoe and the Diam's, genuinely transparent when wet, and opaque when dry. Sealinea makes these thong bikinis with high quality fabrics. We are manufacturer and wholesale bikinis, our offering is unique in France and in Europe. We sale our bikinis on our website of bikinis online, gorgeous and luxurious string bikinis for every taste...

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