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In this bikini category, you will find our push up bikini offering designed to enhance and embellish your bust. These sexy swimwear are comfortable and beautifully finished. They are totally irresistible bikinis. We offer you the choice of one of our malibu strings or a Brazilian-style bikini bottom. When it comes to the push up swimsuit top, you have the choice of several designs, so there's something to suit everyone. You can also choose from a range of fabrics, metallic lycra for a fashionable costume and satin lycra for a more conventional push up bikini. Our Catalina thong bikini tops and Victoria, Bahamas and Bali brazilian models also come as three-piece outfits with two bottoms (a Brazilian-style bottom and a thong) and one push up swimsuits top, our Janeiro bandeau bikini will also make the most of your assets. The Seychelles and Baléares designs come as a thong or as a three-piece thong set, with a push-up bra top and are very fashionable bikinis. Now you know that our push up bikinis are aimed at women who like to look at their elegant best.

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