The String Bikini from www.sealinea.com is super sexy, comfortable and extremely provocative.

Our String Bikini fashion collection comes in 4 types:

  • • Sexy Bikini ‘Seduction’ (decorated with authentic Swarovski crystals)
  • • Mini Bikini ‘Palm Beach’
  • • Hot Bikini ‘ Miami’ (adorned with a twisted and silvery figure of eight)
  • • Micro Bikini or Microkini ‘Tahiti’ (designed around an authentic jewel positioned at the back of the String Bikini)

The Micro Bikini or Microkini is to be reserved for the more daring, or worn for special occasions.

The sexy Micro Bikini can also be worn as lingerie, String, G-String, Thong.

There is nothing more effective or exciting than sunbathing in a G-string. Unveil your charms with this tiny little Micro Bikini. The most distracting of all the Bikinis!

www.sealinea.com makes all its models of String Bikini swimsuits out of four different materials which come in eighteen different colours.

  • • Lycra (elastane)
  • • Charmeuse (shiny veil)
  • • Fishnet (very delicate tulle)
  • • Metallic lycra

To be the Sexiest one on the beach this summer, choose the style and material of your String Bikini and sculpt yourself the body of a goddess!!!


This sexy Brazilian swimsuit is designed for women who want to keep some mystery. The Brazilian Bikini is not a String Bikini, it is less high-cut and covers more of your body.

Let your potential for seduction express itself as you lie on the beach, totally at ease in your Brazilian Bikini!

With a modern and comfortable cut, the Brazilian Bikini swimsuit offers a chic and casual style that a lot of women prefer on public beaches.

The Brazilian Bikini is adorned with authentic SWAROVSKI crystals, and its unique cut makes it an exceptional Swimsuit for controlling your suntan.

www.sealinea.com makes all its Brazilian swimsuit models out of two different materials, which come in twelve different colours.

  • • Lycra (elastane)
  • • Metallic lycra

The Brazilian Bikini is the ideal Beach Bikini for arousing your desire to seduce! Choose your material and one colour out of the twelve selected, to dazzle your family and friends.


The Sealinea Pareo really makes the best of your figure.

The practical ‘must-have’ of the summer, this precious material which is simple to tie and adjustable at the waist has been designed to be sexy and dressy all at the same time.

The Pareo offers multiple combinations with your new Sexy Bikini swimsuit or Micro Bikini.

The Pareo allows you to keep your Sexy Bikini, String Bikini, Mini Bikini, Micro Bikini (Microkini), Hot Bikini, Brazilian Bikini (whether as a Beach Bikini or a Fashion Bikini) hidden from furtive looks: become a virtuoso of the Pareo!

www.sealinea.com makes all its Pareo models out of three different materials which come in twelve different colours.

  • • Lycra (elastane))
  • • Fishnet (very delicate tulle)
  • • Metallic lycra

With its perfect finish, the Pareo makes ideal beach-wear. You can still look sexy without revealing too much. Dazzling and desirable as can be, worn well, the Pareo has been designed to enhance your sensuality!