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Supplementary conditions for business customers

(In addition to these supplementary conditions, businesses are also subject to our terms and conditions as set out on our bikini online website shop)

The clauses set out below apply to our business clients. All orders sent to your wholesale of bikini manufacturer are firm and final and include acceptance of these supplementary terms and conditions:



All new clients must present an 'extrait K-Bis' (official business registration certificate) that is less than three months old to prove that they represent a legitimate business.

Article II. PRICES

The prices of our products shown on our sexy bikinis website are in one of the currencies available on the website excluding taxes and shipping costs.

All orders issued to the wholesale bikinis and swimwear manufacturer Sealinea and from all countries must be paid for in euros.

The prices are those that apply on the day the order is placed.

Shipping costs will be paid by the Sarl CAMIREL company on orders over 700 € excluding tax.

The minimum order is fixed at 200 € excluding tax.

Any orders below the amount set out in the above condition will be subject to shipping costs calculated according to the weight, country of destination and mode of transport chosen by the client.


In the event of missing or damaged items, it is the responsibility of the recipient to invoke the terms and conditions by detailing on the delivery note the number of missing or damaged products and to send to your wholesale swimwear, and bikini manufacturer represented by the company CAMIREL a copy thereof within two working days in order to comply with our terms in relation to disputes.

Please note that in accordance with article 105 of the French code of Commerce, the remark (sous réserve de contrôle : subject to inspection) has no legal value. All of our deliveries are checked upon leaving our premises: it is the receipient's responsibility to check them upon delivery, including the good condition of the packaging.

Generally, sales to professionals cannot be returned or exchanged, we cannot administer any errors made by your customers.

Any defective bikinis items received or shipping errors must be notified to us with 72 hours of reception of the goods. Beyond that time, goods cannot be returned or exchanged.

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